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Three lessons I've learnt in my first few months back in Cornwall

We've been back in Cornwall for just over three months now and, honestly, it feels like we never left.

It has been so simple to slip back into the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle that we were craving and I am so excited about the coming summer and all the plans we have to make the most of it!

Since being back there are a few things that I've learnt which I thought would be nice to share:

1. Get out of my own head

This seems to apply mostly to my surfing but I'm sure will definitely benefit me in the rest of my life as well!

Whilst out in the waves, I was focussing so hard on every little aspect of my pop-up that I spent too long thinking about it and by the time I had got everything into position, it was too late and me and my board were practically at the shore's edge. However, the times where I just let go and let my instinct take over, I actually found I had popped up in a much quicker time and was able to enjoy the wave instead of regretting having missed out. This is such a helpful piece of advice to keep reminding myself of - stop worrying about every detail and just enjoy. When has worrying about something ever seemed to help much anyway?

2. Putting myself out there

As mentioned previously, I am really trying to grow my photography business, now that we are based in Cornwall and I have much better access to the ocean! Recently, I have tried to be more open to new opportunities and actually putting myself out there. I have attended courses and gained new contacts that have already proven so beneficial to my business. This is definitely something I am going to aim to keep building on for the rest of the year and, in so doing, I am confident that Cire Simone Photography will keep growing, becoming more and more successful.

3. Spending time outside is so important

To be honest, this is definitely something I knew to be true before moving back, but, in these last three months, we have well and truly been making the most of living in this beautiful part of the world, and have spent so much time outside! Whether that is exploring the countryside around our lovely hometown or getting into the surf every opportunity we get - we have never felt better. There are so many benefits to being in the fresh air and I love how our life now revolves around the great outdoors.

I would love to hear from you if you've had similar experiences after a big move, or if you've discovered other important lessons that have helped you in some way.

Thanks for reading,


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