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New beginnings

February 2019 has been an incredible month for new beginnings. My husband and I moved from London back to our gorgeous home county of Cornwall, bringing with it a beautiful new home to live in, situated in a very sweet new town for us to explore. One of the many reasons for our move back was for me to focus more on my photography. I have been wanting to explore surf and ocean photography for a while now and Cornwall is the ideal place for me to hone my craft and keep taking the images that I am passionate about. I am also keen to explore more coastal lifestyle shoots and would really enjoy working with local businesses to promote their products or events. In order to get the ball rolling I felt a re brand was in order, to ensure that I was focusing mainly on the surf and ocean aspect of my photography. I have now created a new brand and website that I am really happy with and can't wait to start developing further, whilst continuing to add to this blog on a regular basis. Despite having lived in Cornwall for most of our lives, there are still so many gems still waiting to be explored so I would love to hear if you have any recommendations for places to visit. I am very much looking forward to this new chapter of our lives and for all the new adventures just waiting to be had.

Now, if only our spanking new sofa would arrive...

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